4 Ways to Build Resale Value into Your Custom Home

Building a Valuable Home


The entire process of building your custom home is an exciting and memorable experience. But it is an equally challenging season of life, as you need to make important decisions for the future. Depending on your goals, one of the areas that you may need to focus on is building your house in a way that increases the resale value of the property. Here are four valuable ways in which you can add to the resale value of your custom home.


#1 Treat Each Room As An Individual Entity
Chalking out a plan for your custom home is crucial, and it should be done methodically rather than emotionally. One of the ways to minimize the chances of poor decision-making is to take each room one at a time and treat each area of your home as an individual entity. Each part of your home should be purposefully- built with pros and cons and mind. Do different areas complement each other? Will one part of the house become a disadvantage to the other? This allows you to create a home that is aesthetically appealing and at the same time, comfortable to live, driving its resale value up. For example, building your home with a master bedroom next to the garage might not look bad on a floor plan, but would make for a loud and uncomfortable master suite.               

#2 Focus on Kitchen
The kitchen represents the nucleus a family, as it’s a hub for cooking, gathering, and more. It’s also often where families welcome and serve their friends and guests. It is definitely the most popular place for gathering and entertainment, and of course delicious food. When you are building your custom home, this is one place that should be heavily considered and built around. The sink, backsplash, flooring and the cabinetry all need to be planned carefully, down to the last detail. But keep in mind that over-customization, or doing something very unique may actually deter future buyers down the road.


custom kitchen vancouver home
Investing in a great kitchen is one of the smartest things you can do to add value to your home.


#3 Give Due Attention To The Bathroom
Bathrooms undergo the most wear and tear in any home. For a prospective buyer, they can win the day or lose it. Since you are building a custom home, you have the chance to build smart, durable bathrooms. One of the best ways to do this involves your choice of materials and cabinetry used in the bathroom. Though this can increase your cost a little bit, it will serve as a sound investment if you decide to sell your home.


#4 Maximize Space
Put yourself into the buyer’s shoes and think of priorities that you would focus on when buying a pre-owned home. Space utilization is almost always at the top of your list as everyone wants to live in a spacious home. Although floor space is a physical aspect of the property, proper planning during the building phase can maximize space utilization and make a property look larger than it actually is. With all the projects we do, we work closely with our clients to help them get the most out of their home!

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