Whether you’re looking for a retail store remodel, an addition on a restaurant for more space, or a completely new building, or anything in between, we have the skills and experience to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for. Our team of skilled contractors can meet all your needs, and we bring all of our dedication and skill, to your remodel or commercial building to your project. We understand that any type of commercial building is to improve your business, it’s great for a fresh new look, or extra room for your growing cliental. We understand that these decisions and investments are important to you and your business, and that they are planned, and made to achieve specific business goals. The investment in your business is very important to us. We make sure that every detail is exactly as you planned, and desired. [list style=”orb” color=”white”]

  • Office Remodeling: Elk Ridge Homes is able to update the appearance of your office building, or give you an expansion for the extra room for, new employees or just a more open space. We can also help with energy-efficient, to help cut cost of heating/cooling.
  • Warehouse Remodeling: We can give extra space in your warehouse, which helps with multiple things, it gives more space so employees can work more efficiently and safer, and also it’s less cramped and gives people more room to walk freely, and keeps temperatures down, because there are so many people and equipment in a warehouse, it helps to have more space so it gets less humid.
  • Retail Remodeling: There are so many options for commercial remodeling in a retail space, you can give your business a new “facelift” more storage space, new lighting, more or new shelves.
  • Medical Facilities: We remodel nursing homes, ADA upgrades, dental offices, and much more. You can benefit from medical commercial building by adding space to a waiting room, adding a new expansion, or a complete remodel of your offices.
  • final photos Bridgeport 033Restaurant Remodeling: As well as retail, there are many options for restaurants. More space, new lighting, a new look. [/list]


We are experienced in many types of commercial building, which includes but is not limited to, office buildings, banks, warehouses, retail stores, offices, hotels, apartment buildings and much more.