Fact…Tornado Did NOT Damage Elk Ridge Properties


An F1 tornado hit our area a few weeks back, and as an area that rarely sees any sort of tornado activity; that is major news and is…well…frightening.

It was big enough to have a category ranking.

We know…

The Midwest probably eats F1’s for breakfast because they have tornados big enough to destroy entire towns.


All joking aside…

No Elk Ridge homes were damaged.


Two reasons…

1. We use quality materials, products, procedures, and techniques; all guaranteed to give your home a very long life. We don’t skimp on anything. Our roofs, for example, will outlast other home’s roofs because we have seen Mother Nature in action, and so we prepare for the worst when we build so that you can have peace of mind and safety during a storm.

2. There wasn’t a lot of Elk Ridge built homes in the area, but even if there was; we would still have the same story. We don’t believe in shortcuts because it can kill someone later. We may joke among each other, but we never joke when it comes to safety and quality.


Zero damage to any of our homes from the tornado, other high winds, and storms. That is a number that we are proud of.


Elk Ridge Custom Homes invests in your family’s future.

You should too…

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