New Home Trends for 2014

As we are approaching the sixth month of the year, the trends we’re seeing are foreseeably going to become mainstay in construction. Check these out and see if you agree.


1. Master on the Main

While this feature has been around for a while, more new construction has this as a standard part of the plan. As the population ages, master suites are highly desired.

2. Sleek Master Bathrooms

Bulky master tubs are being replaced with sleek, accessible showers and sauna compartments. Look for the master bath to have a “spa” feel rather than the traditional bath of the past.

3. Efficient Space

More people are wanting an open floor plan versus the compartmentalized rooms of years ago.  High ceilings? Add a loft. The smarter use of space is what homeowners are desiring.

4. Smarter Homes

Technology has provided many privileges of staying connected, however, in the home it will be a way to have additional peace of mind. Smart phones are equipped with controlling security alarms, lights, television, and the thermostat.  This will assist homeowners is reducing their energy bill and potentially savings in homeowner insurance.*  (*check with your homeowner’s policy to see what discounts apply)

5. Green Building

Green building will continue to see double digit increase as eco-friendliness has become mainstream in construction. This is largely due to regulations that mandate the use of energy efficient appliances. It’s also easier to implement. Eco-friendly flooring topcoats is that without toxic VOC (volatile organic compounds).

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