People Are Moving Here and It’s Not Stopping


According to one census…

“Clark County has been like a release valve for the Portland metropolitan area.”


In the Southwest corner of Washington State sits Clark County, and in it there are the cities of Vancouver, Camas, and Washougal (just to name a few).

Why did we just name these three towns/cities?


They sit right on the bank of the Columbia River.

And directly across the Columbia River is the city of Portland, Oregon.

Some say that Vancouver is a suburb of Portland, even though they are two different states.

True or not…

They are completely different worlds.


Let’s take the town of Washougal, Washington for example…

There is no other town like it on the Oregon side of the river. People live in Washougal because they have fallen in love with the quaint picturesque town where time has slowed down, but still want to be in the hustle and bustle of a major city (Portland) within a few minutes.


Washougal is also (purposely) where Elk Ridge Custom Homes builds a lot of homes.

Why is that?

Because that is where people want to live. The founder of Elk Ridge lives there too.


But let’s hit you in the pocketbook…

It is cheaper all around to live in Clark County than in the Portland metro-area.

Houses and land are less expensive in Clark County than in the Portland metro-area.

Elk Ridge Custom Homes builds higher quality for a lower cost compared to EVERY other company in the area.


So why not reach for the stars and get what you truly want?

A custom built home that you want and designed, in an area that is so beautiful that you’ll never want to leave, and all for a lower cost than buying a house that’s been previously owned.

Make your dreams happen through Elk Ridge Custom Homes.

Call us today…




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