4 Reasons to Build a Custom Home in Portland Oregon


Portland, Oregon is a utopia, providing residents with access to fantastic schools and a booming job market, surrounded by a picturesque wilderness. Choosing a home in Portland is a big decision, and a difficult one if you have a special type of home in mind.

If you are contemplating a new house in Portland, OR, but are on the fence about which to choose, these guiding principles may be just what you need to take the plunge.


Quality in Craftsmanship

Having a custom home built in Oregon means that you are in control of the quality. The builder is not going to be looking for the cheapest deals to fill the needs of multiple houses at a time. Instead, they get to examine all of the different types of materials available, and then make a choice based on quality, rather than price.

Higher quality will also extend to how well those materials are put together. A custom homes Portland builder is working with a select group of professionals, each with their own expertise to add to the job. With that type of attention being paid to the construction of your home, you can rest assured that not one nail placement is being overlooked.

Built to Suit Your Style

From ultra-modern to classic Craftsman, building your own home gives you complete choice over all stylistic elements.
From ultra-modern to classic Craftsman, building your own home gives you complete choice over all stylistic elements.

Any person who has ever bought a pre-fabricated home knows that no matter how seemingly perfect, there is always that one or two elements that are missing for you. Maybe one room has a closet in the wrong corner, or a window was placed in an inconvenient spot. When you build a custom home in Portland, every single aspect can be controlled by you. With no limits, you now have the chance to finally live in your perfect dream home.

No Messes to Fix

An issue with buying a home from a previous owner is fixing their mistakes once you have moved in. You could rip up carpet, only to find ruined wood floors or realize that the upstairs windows were accidentally painted shut. Even a pristine looking house can be hiding past mistakes that will take your time and money to fix.

When you custom build a home in Portland, every inch is brand new and free of poor color choices, bleach stained carpet, and crayon wall drawings. You and your family are free to create your own messes, without the worry about cleaning up someone else’s first.

Ownership of a Unique Property

Driving through a cookie cutter neighborhood can almost be unsettling. You know there are unique families living behind the closed doors, but there is little outwardly evidence of this. A custom built home is unique, both in its floor plan and its appearance, making it difficult to pull up into the wrong driveway by mistake.

The city’s breathtaking mountain views, tranquil lifestyle and temperate climate give you good reason to want to live in Portland, Oregon. Buying a custom home that you had a hand in designing just makes being a resident that much more pleasurable.

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