Elk Ridge Revives Dead Homes for Modern Day Love

The ranch style house was the perfect family home for two decades. As the 1950’s began, the ranch style housing boom was going at full speed and it last until the end of the 1970’s.

During this time, 4 out of every 5 houses built was a ranch style home.

After WWII, the American people wanted a fresh start, and single-story open-concept homes became the answer.


It didn’t hurt the market or trend that celebrities got onto the ranch style bandwagon.


(Ronald Reagan pictured in his ranch style home)


Times change and people went away from the single-story ranch, and back to the two-story homes of years prior.



The people (home buyers) didn’t say that. They never asked for the change.


Then who did?

The home BUILDERS did. The construction companies that build homes found that they could go with a smaller footprint and roofline to save money as the price of land skyrocketed in the 1980’s.


The return of the two-story house.

The two-story home was the newest rage, and it was just plain exciting sitting among the older ranches.



They were about 30% cheaper to build…thus cheaper to buy.


(John Wayne pictured in his ranch style home)


People still want the ranch style home, but nobody builds them anymore because there’s no profit to be made.


Until that is…

Elk Ridge Custom Homes stepped up and said, “We’ll do it”.


And they have been.


Is there a profit to be made in building a ranch style home?

If there is, we’re not getting rich off of it, but there is more to the story than just money. Elk Ridge is doing it because the people want it, and because it is needed.

The money will come, because the market will demand it (so don’t worry about us).


The truth is…

Stairs are hard on the elderly, the disabled, and the really young.

And you know that we’re not wrong.


Two-story homes are great, and we love them as well, but there is something exciting about a single-story open-concept ranch style home that brings togetherness to the family living there.


And to make things clear…

Elk Ridge isn’t redoing retro 1950’s homes.


We’re a custom home builder.

We are bringing the look, style, amenities, and conveniences of the 21st century to the ranch style concept.


If you were to somehow drop an Elk Ridge home of today back into the 1950’s, people would think that “The Jetsons” lived there (and that is saying a lot because “The Jetsons” didn’t even come out until the 1960’s…that’s how up-to-date and modern Elk Ridge is).


Question time

Is the home that you’re building/buying now the home of your dreams?

Do you see yourself growing old in your home?

Do you prefer a two-story or single-story home? Why?

Do you do what is trendy now, or do you look towards the future?

Are you the example that others follow?


We’re not trying to be mean…we’re trying to get you to think about the entire process, and what your life will look like 5, 10, 20 years down the road.


Another question(s)…

What if we were to give you options in your price range? Would you buy a modern ranch style then?


Here’s a funny thought…

Baby Boomers started their lives and grew up in in ranch style homes. Isn’t it fitting for them to enjoy their later years in a ranch style home?

Things always seem to come full-circle…WELCOME HOME!!!!!


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