Having Fun with Elk Ridge Model Homes

We are proud of the homes that we design and build; and frankly, we can’t choose our favorite.


Except for James that is…

…his favorite is his own home (which happens to be an Elk Ridge home).


So one day we’re looking over the home designs while updating our website, and one of the designs made us think that a certain celebrity of the 1950’s would have lived there.

Which got us looking over the other designs and pairing them up with famous folks, and we “unofficially” renamed our houses for the fun of it.


We still have the names and the reasons why, and we want to share them.

And we are going to release them over the next couple of weeks here and there simply for the fun of it, and of course to show off some of our designs.


Please comment and share what celebrities you feel go with these homes.


We are going to go right down the list, starting with Model 1635.


You can find the list of model homes under the “New Homes” tab on our website at… https://elkridgecustoms.com/


Thank you for playing along!!!!


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