Rain Rain Keep People Away


It’s true that it rains in the Pacific Northwest (PNW), but is it as much as the stereotypes have made it out to be?

The Western most parts of Washington and Oregon are absolutely beautiful with their green landscapes, and that is because it does rain, and so at least part of the stereotype must be true.


But is all of it true? Does it rain all of the time?

Would it surprise you if we said no?


Elk Ridge Custom Homes put it to the test…


Do you remember that old song…”The Ballad of Davy Crockett”?

The song starts off…

“Born on a mountain in Tennessee

Greenest state in the land of the free…”


Greenest state?????

If it’s green then it must rain.

Tennessee is beautiful no doubt, but is the scenery more beautifully green than the PNW?



Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and we’re not even getting into that fight.

So let’s look at average rainfall instead to see how our area, which is the Portland-Vancouver metro area, ranks in a list of ten US cities that get a fair amount of rain every year.


New Orleans, LA – 62.7 inches of rain yearly

Miami, FL – 61.9 inches of rain yearly

Memphis, TN – 53.7 inches of rain yearly

Birmingham, AL – 53.7 inches of rain yearly

Orlando, FL – 50.7 inches of rain yearly

Houston, TX – 49.8 inches of rain yearly

Providence, RI – 47.2 inches of rain yearly

Tampa, FL – 46.3 inches of rain yearly

Raleigh, NC – 46.0 inches of rain yearly

Portland, OR – 43.5 inches of rain yearly


What do you know?

Tennessee might be greener than Washington and Oregon based solely off of rainfall.


So yes it does rain here, but no it’s not what the stereotypes try and make it out to be.


So in conclusion…

Raining every day is false, and that rumor was probably made up by some anti-tourist group trying to keep the beauty to themselves.



When it does rain, our custom built homes will keep you dry.


Elk Ridge Custom Homes

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