Unwrapping Your New Home Christmas Morning


Name another builder that works day and night to get you your house for Christmas?

We are talking on the job and in full swing at 5:00 AM Christmas Eve to make sure that it was ready for the new owners to take possession and make their Christmas wish come true.

No one else would have done it.


Elk Ridge Custom Homes isn’t the average company. We do everything humanly possible to do the right thing.

Being able to deliver this house for Christmas was the right thing, and we accomplished that.


To the new owners…

Merry Christmas and welcome home!


Here are some shots of what we finished up today…

IMG_1720     IMG_1719     IMG_1718

IMG_1717     IMG_1714     IMG_1713

IMG_1712     IMG_1711     IMG_1710

IMG_1709     IMG_1707     IMG_1706

IMG_1705     IMG_1702

Elk Ridge Custom Homes


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